News Approval of the report on Biodiversity strategy and Action Plan

The Sudanese parliment unanimously passed the statement of H.E the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources on the biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2015-2020 and the report of the parliaments' committees including the Environment andHealth committes on the Minster's satement. 

Release date 04/01/2016
Contributor khitma mohammed
Geographical coverage Sudan,


The Sudanese parliament unanimously passed the report on the updated biodiversity Strategy and Action plan 2015-2020,  reflecting the importance of biodiversity and call for more efforts for the conservation of biodiversity including; Taking the necessary actions  to ensure conservation and restoration of all biodiversity components including financial, administrative and technical measures., Enforcement of laws and policies for the conservation of biodiversity., Raising awareness on the value of biodiversity., Integrating biodiversity in the curricula.,  Integrating the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity into the country’s policies and development plans and deliver fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from its use.,. Encourage the private sector to invest in ecotourism., Conduction of environmental impact assessment studies for new development projects to assure the value of conserving  biodiversity., Design and implement an effective ecological monitoring system,  Develop and implement effective response procedures for the prevention of new potential invasive species .Strengthen quarantine measures and border control to ensure that intentional introductions are subjected to appropriate authorization., Develop a management plan for invasive species., Impose penalties on the activities that harm biodiversity., Establishment and enforcement of laws that regulate the land ownership., and finally support the partnership with local communities and private sector.


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