News International Day of Biodiversity

Source The Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources
Release date 26/05/2015
Contributor مها المكاشفي
Geographical coverage Sudan,

In the context of International Day of Biodiversity, The Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation  organized a workshop on biodiversity for sustainable development with focus on biodiversity for food and agriculture.  The workshop was held on 25th of May 2015 in Corinthia. The opening session was addressed by the minister of Environment, Forestry and Physical Development.

The workshop aimed at increasing awareness on the importance of biodiversity, threats and the efforts exerted for its conservations and sustainable use for benefits of the current generations and future ones. That is through different papers presented on different components of biodiversity including; plant, forests, animal, and inland water biodiversity in addition to invertebrates and microorganism.

The Clearing House mechanism of Biodiversity (CHM) was presented to participants and officially declared.

It is worth mention that the workshop was coincided with the visit of international consultant on ABS . 

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