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New genetic resources of cultivated crops are being added to the collection held by the APGRC in Sudan

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Source Agricultural Plant Genetic Resources Centre - Sudan
Release date 28/05/2015
Contributor مها المكاشفي
Geographical coverage Sudan,

A collection mission for local plant genetic resources of cultivated crops has been accomplished during November 2014 in Central Darfur state. It has been organized by the Agricultural Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Research Centre (APGRC) of the ARC - Sudan in collaboration with Zalingei Agricultural Research Station of the ARC using fund made available by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) through the Eastern Africa Plant Genetic Resources Network (EAPGREN), of which Sudan is a founding member. This is the first activity in a series of activities planned to be undertaken during the coming few years in order to cover the big geographical gap of Darfur region within the cultivated crop genetic resources held by the APGRC and collected from different regions of Sudan. The gap is created by the insecurity conditions in Darfur region.


More germplasm collecting activities have been conducted during November and December 2014. They covered parts of Gezira state in central Sudan, North Kordofan state in western Sudan and South Gedarif area towards the borders with Ethiopia in eastern Sudan. More than 300 samples were collected from different crops including some wild relatives. Seeds of such samples are being processed at present for conservation under long term conditions in the seed bank of the APGRC in Wad Medani.



A recent germplasm collection mission was targeting collecting local vegetable cultivars from farmers fields in Khartoum state. The mission was organized by the APGRC during the first week of March 2015. It resulted in collecting more than 30 seed and fruit samples from different vegetables such as okra, pumpkin and rocket. Seeds of different samples are being processed and tested for permanent storage in the seed genebank of the APGRC in Wad Medani.



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