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Source Agricultural Plant Genetic Resources Centre - Sudan
Release date 30/07/2015
Contributor مها المكاشفي

Preparations are under way to undertake the first collecting mission for local genetic resources of date palm from Merawe area in the Northern state of Sudan. A field genebank is being prepared to conserve such collections at Hudeiba Research Station in River Nile state. The mission is planned to collect off-shoots of the known local cultivars, which are mainly of dry and semi-dry dates. Previous experiences in the region and the world are warmly welcome and will be very much helpful to us in this regard.



نعمل هذه الأيام على انجاز كتالوج حول الموارد الوراثية للبامية في السودان. كم هي متنوعة وغنية بتباينها الوراثي، مما يفتح أمام منتجيها  ومستهلكيها فرصاً لتطوير انتاجها واستخدامها
A catalogue on okra genetic resources in Sudan is being prepared to include passport and characterization data. How diverse is the okra in Sudan providing great opportunities to the producers and consumers to improve its productivity and uses





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