News The National Inception Workshop for ABS Global Project "Strengthening human resources, legal frameworks and institutional capacities to implement the Nagoya Protocol

This event is organized by the Higher council for Environment and Natural Resources in the framework of the International Day of Biodiversity on 24- May, 2017 in the green hall at the Parliament

Release date 30/05/2017
Contributor khitma mohammed

The  objectives of the workshop are:

  • Ø Assist national partners in Sudan to fully understand and take ownership of the project;
  • Ø Discuss project management, reporting, M&E requirements and financial procedures;
  • Ø Present the Annual Work Plan for 2017 for approval and validation;
  • Ø Clarify the role of the key national actors in the project at both national and local levels.

The workshop was addressed by:

  • The General Secretary of the Higher the Higher council for Environment and Natural Resources
  • UNDP Country Director, 
  • Chair  of Environment, Health and Population Committee of the Parliament and
  • The minster of Environment, Natural Resources and Physical Development reflecting the importance  of Nagoya Protocol and the role of the project in building capacities at the national level to implement the Protocol.

The Minister of Environment emphasized the importance of the development  of a national ABS frameworks. On the other hand the Chair of the Environment, heath and population Committee of the parliament assured their support to the project and the national ABS legal framework.

 The workshop was attended by the Regional Coordinator of the Project Mr. Mohamed Fouad who provided a very comprehensive presentation on  Access and Benefit Sharing regime (ABS) under the Nagoya Protocol (NP), and a presentation on the Global ABS project and its four components .

The Government Coordinator Dr El Khitma EL Awad gave a Presentation on the national  multiyears work plan of the project focusing on the annual work plan for 2017, and highlighting the importance  of development of a national ABS legal framework . Subsequently, the Legal Advisor Mr. Yasir Ahmed provided a presentation on the importance of the ABS legal  Framework for the  implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, addressing  the need of the  development of  a national ABS legal framework

Very fruitful discussion was made by the participants from different  stakeholders' institutions including Governmental, non governmental, academia and research centers institutions and represntatives of the local communities who hold the tradional knoweldge associated to the genetic resources.

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