Small shrubs, various herbs, plant microorganisms, and the animal world includes terrestrial, aquatic and flying animals of all kinds and types. The world of microorganisms includes microscopic organisms that can only be seen by microscopes, including bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses, and others. The work of all these living organisms overlaps, so they work with each other to form a single biological tissue in the environment, whose components that make up each other are tightened.
The different geographical regions on this earth are distinguished from each other by the presence of specific species and types of plants, animals and microorganisms. Each region is distinguished from the other region with its own organisms.
We can define the term biodiversity in the environment in the following:
It is the presence of a wide range of different species in sex and species of living organisms, which are naturally present in one environment, so that this environment includes plants of various types, sizes and shapes, and also includes vertebrate animal organisms such as mammals and birds, and invertebrate living organisms such as worms and insects, and also includes Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae and others.
This biodiversity has an important role and a great function, and man did not stand on the truth of the importance and role of biodiversity in the environment precisely except in the last years of this century, especially after man worked with his various activities to the extinction of some types of plant and animal organisms, until a few years ago, The impression of the general public on biodiversity or biodiversity was limited to the aesthetic aspect of nature, but the expansion of environmental studies, and the in-depth specialization related to the relationships of species of living organisms with each other, has shown the great importance and the great role that biodiversity plays in the environment. And human life, which made the consideration of biodiversity as an element synonymous with the beauty of nature very far from its first position, and made it the last of the considerations.


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