Atlas of the important range lands plant species in Sudan

Documentation of the range plants of Sudan is a work that is highly needed and waited for since a long time. This present publication is made possible through the assistance of
the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agricultureas one of the activities of a project under the name Development of a Strategy for building the Resilience of Pastoral communities to climate Change in two ecosystems of Sudan that is funded through the Benefit Sharing Fund of the Treaty.

The need for such work is felt by many of the workers especially after the establishment of a number of Range Science colleges. The work depends on pictures of the range plants
at vegetative and / or flowering stage with a brief description of the plant in addition to information regarding distribution, habitat, type of pollination and the nutritive value.

Many of RPGD staff participated in collection of material and provision of information as well as three taxonomists from Elneelain University who tackled the taxonomical issues.
This work is meant to help range managers and other relevant institutions and interested individuals get familiar with these plants and their characteristics and at the same time provide information for future studies.

The plant samples has been collected from the different ecological zones of the country and the chemical analysis to determine the nutritive value was carried in the Laboratories of the Department of Animal Nutrition, Faculty of Animal Production, University of Khartoum.

This atlas covers about 39 grass species, 45 herbs, and 30 of trees and shrubs (114 specimens).Palatability and grazing value that are needed for proper management were determined through checklist, literature review and consultation with herders. Synonymy has been given according to the available recent literatures. Regular updates of information and additional species will be considered


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