Fourth National Report on Implementation of CBD

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Upload date 20 Dec 2014
Contributor khitma mohammed
Geographical coverage Sudan
Keywords Report, Fifth, Implementation, CBD
Release date 20/12/2014

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This report is prepared by the working group with the objective of providing information on measures taken for the implementation of the Convention and the effectiveness of these measures.  The reporting process has also taken into consideration that the information on the status and trends of biological diversity is relevant to the implementation measures.

In addition to the introduction, the report is structured to contain the following three parts:

  • Part I: An update on biodiversity status, trends and threats and implication for human well-being.
  • Part II: the national Biodiversity strategy and action plan, its implementation and the mainstreaming of biodiversity.
  • Part III: progress towards the 2020 Aichi Biodiversity Targets and contribution to the relevant 2015 Targets of the Millennium Development Goals.