Impotrant of Biodiversity

The biodiversity was become a hot issues for most of scientist, political and decision makers all over the world because of its great importance to the environment and environmental changes. Due to the lack of monitor there is no accurate data on the species that loss from their habitat. However, scientist and researchers believed that 25% of the total biodiversity in the world is now expected to be lost during the twenty or thirty coming years which may result in extensive global risk in various discipline such as agriculture, medicine and others industries.

Release date 19/12/2014
Contributor Dr. Ameer Awad


To maintain the biodiversity in the world a great significant efforts has been done in recent years to preserve biodiversity, but the rates of losing of the species in their natural habitats is still increasing due to many factors including human activities and natural and ecological change. Protected areas are very significant in the conservation of the natural and cultural resources. Their importance ranges from the protection of natural habitats and associated flora and fauna, to the maintenance of environmental stability of certain areas. They can provide opportunities and multiple values such as ecological, economic, educational, recreational and social.

The increasing rate of human population associated with increasing in their requirement for natural resources most of the human were settled in and around protected areas leading to unsustainable utilization of natural resources within the area and degradation of the different ecosystems.

One of the most important recently issues facing Dinder national park as well as sub-Sahara national park in Africa is the threat of continued habitat degradation, as result of climatic factors and human activities. The habitat loss is occurring when land cover (or its aquatic equivalent) is changed, usually as a result of changing use by humans. Common examples are the conversion of natural vegetation to temporary or permanent croplands; the replacement of forest by pastures; the expansion of human settlements