Proceedings of the Regional Workshop onWildlife Conservation and Protected Area Management

FAO Regional Office for the Near East, in March 2009, conducted a survey of institutions for wildlife and protected area management, including the private sector and a non-governmental organization. This led to the organization of a regional workshop on wildlife conservation and protected area management in the Near East that gathered 27 experts from 11 countries in the region and representatives from non-governmental organizations. Being the first of its kind in the area, it offered a unique opportunity for wildlife experts to discuss pertinent issues with colleagues from other countries.Image removed.
This publication of the proceedings represents the commitment of FAO to enhance exchanges of information and experiences among countries of the region, bringing together issues and constraints that bear on monitoring and managing wildlife and habitats.

Regarding the situation of the wildlife and ecosystem threats Sudan was presented a paper "Ecosystem and Biodiversity Threats in Dinder Biosphere Reserve, Sudan". The paper mainly, focused on the Dinder national park

It is hoped that it adds to the literature and responds to a need for additional practical information on wildlife conservation and protected area management based on experience in the Near East. It is also hoped that the document will be a useful reference for workers and students in these fields.

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